Jobsearching Admist Covid-19: Some Tips

Has your job search stalled because of the pandemic? Read our tips to get started again.

The spread of Covid-19 has deeply affected all aspects of our lives from how we work to how we learn. In particular, jobseekers are feeling the pinch, as preliminary figures indicated the drop in employment was the sharpest quarterly contraction since the severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) outbreak.

If you’re searching for a job, it might be tempting to give up when faced with news of hiring freezes and wage cuts. And unavoidably, some have been retrenched as a result of downsizing measures brought on by the disease’s spread.

If you’re looking for a new job in these times, or maybe even a second job to tide yourself over, here are 5 quick tips on job searching during Covid-19 to help you find something suitable. Read on:

  1. Brush up on phone/video interviews

    With social distancing in place all over the world (not just Singapore), most interviews are taking place online now. So brush up on your phone and video interview skills (check out our tips!) and prepare to put your best foot forward, virtually this time.

    A good setup is essential for good presentation. Get yourself a comfortable and professional workspace, make sure your microphone and video camera are working, and have your resume and references ready for when you need to do a screen share with the hiring manager.

  1. Look out for growth industries

    Many industries have taken a hard blow due to the pandemic, but some have grown. These include healthcare, volunteerism, IT solutions, and government work. Re-prioritise these industries in your job search and you’ll get more hits and callbacks.

    This goes double for those searching for temporary employment while on leave from their usual gig. Positions like Safe Distancing Ambassadors, warehouse assistants and delivery drivers are in high demand now. If you’re in the market for short-term work, you would do well to give them a look.

  1. Boost your SNS presence

    Networking has gone online more fully than ever before. Be sure to cultivate your LinkedIN presence and keep up-to-date with industry news. Write an article and share it, connect with Facebook friends and re-tweet relevant posts. Keep the conversation flowing because you never know when that will lead to an offer!

    And be sure to cover the basics. Create and curate an online portfolio, and make sure your resume is accessible to businesses looking to hire. Standard practice is to have a link to your resume or a QR Code readily available for those who are searching for people.

  1. Acquire new skills

    With most of us working from home or just stuck at home, now is the time to take up that course or finish that diploma! You can look for learning opportunities in your industry, or do a general programme in relevant skills related to productivity and project management.

    Be sure to highlight these skills on your resume and SNS profiles as well. A good idea is to make a quick note of a course the moment you finish it so you won’t forget, and add in details later at a more leisurely pace. Remember to use relevant keywords and phrases to get yourself on the ATS trackers.

  1. Keep applying!

    Most importantly, don’t give up! As they say, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – so if you don’t try you will never know.

    While some companies are tightening their belts and re-evaluating their hiring practices, others have embraced the new reality and have begun to explore the possibilities out there. Some companies are using phone and video interviews for the first time – and learning how effective they are. Be part of this next wave by keeping yourself out there and available!

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