Simple time off management

Gain full control over all aspects of absence management!

Automate time-off requests, approvals, and
notifications, and frame allowance policies.

  • Simplify time-off request and approval workflows
  • Create custom absence types
  • Track employee attendance in a team calendar
  • Easily set up balance policies

Improve efficiency

Reduce absenteeism rate

Increase productivity

Improve transparency


Simple and advantageous features to manage your employees’ time off

Automated time off requests and approvals

Employees can request their days off in just 2 clicks and get approval. All in one place.

Email notifications

Streamline your employee time off requests by automating email notifications to the decision-makers.

Custom time-off types

Configure custom time off types with or without accrual policies, according to your needs.

Custom holidays

Easily add public or company-specific holidays to your holiday calendar.

Time off calendar view

Get a clear overview of team vacation schedules, time off types, and approved and pending requests.

Absence Reports NEW

Create and export full data absence reports.

Why k.people

k.people helps you turn all manual time off processes into automated workflows and smooth experiences. It ends the hassle around requests and approvals.

Make time off management a breeze for your team.


Automate time off request and approvals

Streamline the process and ensure timeliness and transparency.

  • Employees can request their time off in just 2 clicks and get it approved or declined in one place.
  • Provide employees easy access to information about the available dates and time off calculator through their self-service portal.
  • Set up email automation to notify relevant people about requests.
  • Provide full transparency of your employees’ absence in a team calendar view.

“Who’s out” calendar
just a tap away!


Create and assign custom time off types and policies

Effortlessly manage your employees’ leave and foster transparency and productivity with proven policies and procedures.

  • Customize time-off policies by team, with automatic approvals and individual accrual rates.
  • Automatically match employees with the suitable absence policy and assign allowance.
  • Set up public holidays as well as company-specific days off.
    Quickly configure custom time off types.

Understand employees’ time off patterns

Have a comprehensive overview of your employees’ absence, such as personal, sick, vacation leaves, or training.

  • Group absent employees by department for a clear view on your team’s time off calendar.
  • Observe crucial metrics (accruals, time off, balance).
  • Compare absence metrics to identify patterns and proactively anticipate future needs.

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