Appealing self-service portal

Personalize your employees’ experience with a user-friendly interface

Prompt them to take timely actions and stay on track.

  • Centralized, up-to-date information
  • Complete control over personal data
  • Access dashboards and data from anywhere, on any device.

Reduce HR team workload

Increase employees’ satisfaction

Improve transparency


Increase employee satisfaction and loyalty with a functional self-service platform!

Dedicated login page

A login page for employees is accessible from any device, desktop or mobile.

My profile page

A dedicated employee profile page with personal and professional details, easy to edit and modify. Accessible from any device.

My time off page

Employees can effortlessly request time off and get approval or rejection in real-time.

Colleagues directory

A visualized database with names and contact information for employees across the company, organized by teams, offices, or other groupings. Employees can quickly access the directory and find the appropriate coworkers.

My team page

An overview of the employee’s team with the roles, responsibilities, and relationships between them.

Time off calendar view

A calendar view of team vacation schedules, time off types, and approved or pending requests.

Organization chart

A snapshot of the company structure with names, roles, and vital information. Employees can get a quick overview of relationships and chains of command.

News & Announcements

Share news and announcements or schedule posts to celebrate team accomplishments, events, and keep your team informed about company’s updates.

Why k.people

k.people saves you time and money by enabling employee self-service anytime, anywhere. Free up your team to focus on important tasks and improve efficiency while reducing costs.

Let your employees take care of many different HR-related and job-related tasks and to take the load off HR teams, and increase efficiency!


Put your employees in
the driver’s seat

k.people self-service portal empowers employees to manage their own records, data, and information. They can:

  • Easily edit and modify their data on the My profile page.
  • Request time off and receive notifications about it on the My time off page.
  • View their schedules, payroll, timesheets, and benefits, and more.
  • Stay up to date with the latest company news.

Build an engaging
company culture.


Enhance transparency with easy-to-use directories

Allow employees to understand how their roles fit into the overall scheme. Transparency is essential for employees to hold the company accountable, foster trust in it, and maximize the sense of belonging.

  • Visualize your company’s structure, roles, and relationships.
  • Showcase relationships and chains of command within your company.
  • Make it easy for your employees to get familiar with the rest of the team and find their colleagues’ names, roles, and contact information.

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