HR management
made easy,
with k.people

Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools!
Manage HR tasks with ease using k.people,
the complete HRMS Solution for small-medium businesses designed by HR professionals.

Talent Solution

Talent Solution is an “Always-on” recruiting solution.

Employer branding

The benefits of a strong employer branding is to improve application rates and keep talents stay long-term

Proactive approach to job search via mobile devices

Approach over 30% candidates via mobile devices now. Do not miss these potential candidates

Build a database of talent for current and future needs

Attract potential candidates to become a fan has not been that easy with “Join our Talent Network"

Automation & engage candidates

Save cost and time connecting with your candidates and increase your brand awareness with automatic engagement system


Core HR

k.people is designed to cover all core HR processes of a small-medium company.


Keeps onboarding effortless

Αdd new employees in 2 clicks

Optimizes company performance

with dashboards for positions, departments, locations

Provides employee working status

active, onboarding, pending, or inactive

Liberates HR from tedious paperwork

all employees data in one place

Enhances employees

News and announcements for better communication

Time Off Management

HR processes are made simple with k.people!

Create policies for Employees’ balance

Create your own categories of time off, like sick days, vacation, bereavement, student, parental and more. Set accrual policies, track available and used time off, carry over days or manual adjustments.

Automated approval flows

Save valuable time with automated time-off requests and approvals.

Define working days & holidays

Configure specific holidays, per department, per location, to suit your unique needs.

Who's out calendar

See who’s out, and who will be, by department or across your entire organization.


Want to streamline your HR processes and engage your employees?
k.people can do it for you!

Employee’s Portal

Boost employee engagement and streamline communication across your organization.

Employee’s Portal

Request time off in 2 clicks

such as annual leave, parental leave, sick days

Employee profile page

with personal details, positions history, documents, etc.

Real-time company news and announcements

such as policy updates, changes in work hours, office closures

In-app notifications

regarding new hires, time off approvals, onboarding completions etc.

Colleagues directory

such as work anniversaries, birthdays

Performance Goal Management BETA

Empower your employees to grow, develop, and succeed!

Goal Setting

Set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals that align with the individual's or organization's objectives.

Progress Tracking

Track the progress made towards achieving the goals, such as through regular check-ins, updates, or milestones.

Performance Evaluation Coming Soon

Evaluate the individual's or organization's performance based on the goals set and progress made, and identify areas for improvement or further development.

Feedback Mechanisms Coming Soon

Provide feedback to the individual or organization on their performance, such as through regular performance reviews or constructive feedback sessions.

Virtual Fair License​

Run your own Bespoke Virtual Fair


3D interactive virtual environment.

Candidate matching technology.

Live traffic insights, candidates shortlisting and rejection features.

Text, audio, video chats and live CV check.

Onboarding employees

Impress your new hires, even before their first day at work.

Send them an onboarding email and invite them to easily share their information and documentation in just 4 simple steps.

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