BrightSparks by Kariera Group Singapore, is Singapore’s number one Scholarship and Higher Education portal. It is a one-stop online destination where aspiring scholars can research, compare and apply for scholarships.

BrightSparks also organises scholarship networking events, and publishes the BrightSparks magazine as well as the annual BrightSparks Scholarship and Education Survey Report.

Attract the Best Minds to your Organisation

BrightSparks is used by top ‘A’ Level/IB Diploma, polytechnic, and university students for their career, education, and scholarship needs. The portal provides a platform to reach out to our extensivestudent and graduate strong database.


Strengthen your Employer Branding Among Top Students

Increase your brand exposure on our online portal. Showcase your organisation as well as your scholars and the engaging work that they do via the bi-annual BrightSparks Magazine.

Reach out to our database

Get access to our extensive database of scholarship seekers via customised Electronic Direct Mailers and exlusive outreach programmes.

Reach out to our database

BrightSparks Portfolio

Guidebook and Magazine

The BrightSparks Scholarship Guidebook and Magazine provide a wealth of information for prospective scholars and those looking for higher education options. Showcase the your organisation as well as your scholars and their hopes and aspirations of your scholars on our publications.

BrightSparks Virtual Fair

The BrightSparks Virtual Fair is an evolution of the BrightSparks Scholarship and Higher Education Fair. In 2020, our flagship event was moved from the physical space to the online space so that it can reach out to a larger, yet more targeted audience while reducing carbon footprint.


Engage with scholarship seekers directly via our exclusive webinars. We have a great track record of putting together webinars with our partner schools and organisations, which has provided scholarship seekers a closer perspective of scholarship-related topics.

BrightSparks Scholarship & Higher Education Survey

The BrightSparks Scholarship & Higher Education Survey provides data and insights to scholarship provider and institutes of higher learning. Every year, we poll GCE ‘A’ Level and International Baccalaureate (IB) students and graduates, polytechnic students, and university undergraduates on their opinions on higher education, scholarships and career prospects to get a snapshop of the local scholarship and education landscape.

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