BrightMinds is a dedicated recruitment portal for employers to reach out to students and fresh graduates from local and overseas tertiary institutions.

More than just a career portal, BrightMinds helps employers fulfil both their campus recruitment and branding needs.

Get the Right Graduates for your Organisation

Discover the best candidate through our wide range of recruitment services. Make a job posting on our site, utilise our resume database mining system, or simply pick from an automatically generated list of recommended candidates.


Access one of Singapore’s largest graduate database

Save time and effort by accessing one of the largest resume repositories in Singapore. Search for the right candidates for your open positions quickly and efficiently.

Increase your Brand Visibility

Leverage on BrightMinds to build your employer brand. You can have your company logo and corporate information positioned strategically on our portal, deliver customised Electronic Direct Mailers that reach out to relevant jobseekers and feature your star employees on our annual BrightMinds magazine.

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