Valuable Core HR functions

One-stop solution
for your HR processes

Streamline your HR workflows from onboarding
to offboarding.

  • Add new hire in just 2 clicks
  • Build enhanced employee profiles
  • Upload external employee databases
  • Visualize HR data with charts

Automate HR procedures

Increase efficiency

Save time

Inhance satisfaction


Powerful features to streamline your HR processes and workflows

Enhanced employee profile

Add a new employee in just 2 clicks. Store, manage, and track all employee personal data in a centralized database. Keep your employee documents stored and organized in one place.

Employee dashboard

Categorize employees according to their current status (active, inactive, onboarding, or pending-to-be-hired) and get a high-level overview.

Company dashboard

Showcase the internal structure of your company by creating a visual depiction of employee hierarchy, positions, and departments.

Organization chart

Easy access your employee information. Check their position and reporting hierarchy.

Massive database import

Add or update employees in bulk and automatically get departments, locations, employee positions, titles, and reporting lines with the spreadsheet import option.

New hire onboarding

Track the recruitment process and onboard new employees in 4 simple steps. Automate email communication, document sharing, information collection, and more.

Why k.people

With k.people, you can automate and standardize your HR processes from recruiting and tracking applicants, onboarding, storing and maintaining employee data and more.

k.people offers employee record management capabilities that include a self-service portal, a directory of employee profiles, and company structure charts.

Manage onboarding and process

onboarding is a click

Build an enhanced
employee profile

Centralize employee information and get meaningful insights.

  • Add a new hire in just 2 clicks with personal and professional information.
  • Seamlessly maintain employees profiles – add, update, and remove employees information.
  • Organize and store employee documents in one place.

Keep your HR documents
at your fingertips

Organize all your employees’ data in a centralized and secure database. Gain better control and avoid overlapping data labels.

  • Select the data you need during the process as part of your employee record and convert it to a format that fits your current employee system.
  • Upload large amounts of data from external sources to centralize your employee database, quantify, and compare them easily.
  • Secure your database with custom access based on employees’ roles and responsibilities.

Visualize your company’s
structure with charts

Gain a deep understanding and transparency of your company’s structure and connections between employees, positions, departments, and locations.

  •  Effortlessly check employees’ positions, hierarchy and key information.
  • Showcase with a variety of charts the entire company structure.
  • Automate updates of the chart with changes in employee status.
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