Talent Network

Attract and capture more candidates, and stay engaged with your candidate pool.

Decrease your candidate drop-off and increase your applications with an optimised career site.

When job seekers submit a CV or subscribe to your Talent Network, they are automatically enrolled to receive new, open positions as they become available. We have some of the highest email open and click-through rates in the industry and our proprietary matching technology will ensure that you maximize your recruitment investment by helping passive candidates remain engaged, applying when the right role presents itself.

We’ve already built over 3,000 career sites and recruited Talent Network members in nearly every country, so whether you need to hire candidates around the corner or across the globe, Talent Network is the solution to build your talent pipeline for the future.


Key Benefits

Reduce acquisition costs over time with your owned candidate pipeline

Talent Network allows you to build a talent community of your most relevant candidates, those who are interested in your company and ready to apply for the right position when it opens up. Nearly 85% of job seekers provide a resume when joining a Talent Network, meaning you can enroll them into automatic notifications about relevant positions as you post them.


Improve recruiter efficiency with an automated recruitment marketing platform

With 3x the highest open rates and 5x the click through rate for job recommendations in the industry, our Talent Network engagement emails allow you to move beyond branding and into true candidate activation. If you’re looking to increase the efficiency of your recruiters and reduce the amount of time and labor it takes to keep your talent pipeline full, then it’s time to consider the full benefits of Talent Network.

Scalable, best-in-class career sites that convert candidates

Our mobile-first career sites are available in over 32 languages worldwide and have been built with over 20 years of proprietary candidate research to know how to build you a career site that converts. We know how to reduce the time to apply, how to ensure job seekers can find your site easily, and can apply easily with minimal steps on every device. On average, when Talent Network acts as a client’s career site, clients see 23% more applicants than through sites hosted by an ATS or agency.


Key Features

Optimized Career

Optimized Career Site

Drive candidates to search, join your Talent Network and apply for jobs on a career site optimised for any device, and built on 20 years of insider expertise.

Optimized Career

Talent Network

Build your talent pipeline from applicants and candidates not ready to apply by allowing them to join your Talent Network in just a few clicks.


Candidate Re-engagement

Deliver new, relevant open positions to your talent network with automated emails powered by CareerBuilder's proprietary matching technology.


Candidate Source Tracking

Capture source data on how applying candidates reached your career site, allowing reporting within your ATS.


Premium Edition

Showcase your employer brand even further with a fully customised career site using our Premium Edition.


Global Reach

We power over 3,000 career sites in 30 languages around the world so you can trust us to deliver your message.

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