Healthcare: The New Favoured Sector

With the advancement of technology, the healthcare sector has seen new roles being created. Popular healthcare roles are no longer limited to that of doctors and nurses – today’s healthcare roles incorporate various skills and specialisations.

Expanding Your Talent Search With Social Media

Our recent Employer of Choice survey notes that 17.9 per cent of jobseekers trawl through social media for open positions. It is thus worthwhile for companies to develop a good social media presence so that candidates can pay close attention to job opportunities in your organisation.

Don’t Let Your Job Ad Fail You

Puzzled over why you have only been getting unsuitable job candidates, if any candidates at all? Don’t let your job ads fail you!

What Is Employer Branding And Why Is It Important?

‘Monetary benefits’ is not the only factor that makes an employer an employer of choice. We explore ways to strengthen your company brand and mark yourself as a favourable employer in the eyes of the public.