The Perks of Contract Jobs

Contract jobs are more prevalent than ever before as Covid-19 affects long-term hiring plans. We look at the unique opportunities available in the area of temporary work.

Change your Perspective: How to Attract and Hire Engineers

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong highlighted that engineers should not be regarded as people who merely provide “support function” or help fix computer problems. Instead, they should be valued as key players who are fueling Singapore’s ambition to be a smart nation.

Best Practices for Rehiring Former Employees

Rehiring former employees can be a sticky and sensitive situation. What are some things you, as an employer, should do before considering to rehire a former employee?

Becoming an Employer of Choice

Google and SIA did not become popular employers overnight – they took time to identify factors that attract and retain talent. How do you, as an employer, prepare yourself for the road towards becoming an Employer of Choice?