4 Nifty Ideas to Spice Up Your Office Party

December marks the season of office Christmas parties and Dinner and Dance events. More than just a way to show appreciation to employees for their hard work, office parties help boost morale and foster a closer bond between colleagues. As the last official party of the year, here are some great ideas to spice it up and end the working year with a bang!

In Demand: Technology Professionals

Rapid advancements in technology has contributed to an insatiable demand for technology professionals. How do organisations keep up?

How can I Build My Employer Branding for 2016?

Since it is the New Year, it is a good time for employers to plan for 2016 CSR or R&R activities. These activities do not have to occur every month – a quarterly or bi-annually, or even yearly activity can leave a tangible impact on your employees.

Festive Guide: Staying Productive During The Holiday Season

It is inevitable for the year-end festivities and holiday spirit to impede productivity in the office. Instead of fighting it, embrace it and seek alternative ways to help employees stay productive. CareerBuilder Singapore shares some tips with you.

Planning An Effective Work Retreat

With the end of the year approaching, it’s a good time for employees to unwind. And what better way to do that than to go on a work retreat?

The Importance of Building Team Dynamics

One of the most popular and sure-fire way to improve dynamics is through team-building exercises. Indeed, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to team-bonding exercises, as long as they achieve the following.

Creating a Conducive Physical Work Environment

According to the latest Employer of Choice survey conducted by CareerBuilder Singapore, one of the top reasons behind a candidate’s career choice was a comfortable work environment. What are some factors that contribute to such an environment?