5 Must-Dos for Your Job Search

Here are 6 must-dos during your job search to make sure you score that offer.

Job hunting in this climate is hard. Unemployment is on the rise and job vacancies are falling, and these trends are set to continue as Covid-19 impacts the world.

If you are looking for a job for whatever reason, there are six things you absolutely must do if you’re to have any hope of getting an offer. We get back to basics with these essential job-hunting tips.

  1. Optimise your resume

    Don’t send out the same resume for every application! While it’s tempting to have a “standard” resume and use it for everything, that is a huge signal to the hiring manager that you don’t care about their company and just want whatever job is available. Such candidates are rejected quickly.

    Make sure your resume is tailored to the job description by using keywords and describing skills relevant to the position. Applicants should use necessary phrases from the job posting (e.g., “Experience in maritime industry preferred”), then describe in their own words how they possess these abilities (e.g., “Maritime industry experience – possesses 10 years’ experience in cruise vessel management”). Another good idea is to highlight your professional qualifications, certificates and accolades as these will help you stand out in searches.

  1. Advertise your profile

    Social networking offers many job hunting opportunities – don’t let them pass you by. Maintain your LinkedIN page, and have your resume and achievements on a blog or website for easy reference.

    Having finished setting the foundation with the above, it’s time to network. Write comments on popular posts, be active on job search boards and forums, and hit up friends and family to build more connections. You never know when, or how, these may lead to an offer!

  1. Get on the job boards

    Do you have a Jobscentral profile? If not, go sign up now! Uploading your resume and applying through a job board will get you in contact with thousands of employers who are looking to hire, effectively streamlining your job search. This is an especially essential step for entry-level applicants and those looking to change industries who may not have the relevant contact networks yet.

    Since job boards are dedicated to hiring, make sure your profile on these boards is up-to-date and optimised for searches. Also, make sure to sign up for alerts and job advice (if the job board offers it) to keep your job search timely and efficient. Companies are constantly interested in new talents, so keep your name on the list.

  1. Work with recruitment firms

    When you get on the job boards, you will notice that many postings are from recruitment firms and staffing agencies rather than the companies themselves. Staffing firms help to target your search, linking you up with companies in your industry or in the market for your qualifications.

    Also, submitting your resume to these firms will ensure they keep you on their databases. Hence, when new opportunities pop up, they will contact you – sparing you the effort and time of a lengthy job search.

  1. Practise your interviewing skills

    The day before the interview is too late to search for “best job interview practices” and start rehearsing. Regularly practise your interview skills to keep them fresh for those callbacks!

    As video and phone interviews become the norm, it’s a good idea to get some practice with those too. Read up on our tips, and find a friend or family member to do a “dress rehearsal” with. Also, remember to make sure your technology is working to prevent flubs and failures on the big day.

  1. Be patient and keep at it!

    This is probably the hardest piece of advice of all, but it’s a truth you must face. Be prepared for your job search to take some time, and be ready to face disappointment.

    In the current environment, try to grab whatever opportunities you can. Take up an internship or a part-time gig, and build up your experience and industry know-how for the next big step. From temporary gigs to volunteer work or internships, keep making connections and adding skills to your resume.

    Your patience will be rewarded if you keep at it! Stay the course and keep trying!

Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash