5 Sectors Hiring in Late 2021


As Singapore and other countries get back on their feet, hiring resumes apace. However, there are some industries that have seen improved demand and further innovation due to changes wrought by Covid-19.

Hence, it goes without saying that if you are in search of a job, these are some sectors that you would do well to check out. Log in to JobsCentral and search for positions in:

  1. Healthcare

Already an evergreen industry, healthcare has experienced a surge in growth due to the pandemic. The field is desperately in need of more workers, and there is no need to limit yourself to “doctor” or “nurse”. Positions in high demand include allied health professionals, such as social workers, managerial and administrative staff, such as centre managers and operations and administrative executives, and technical staff, such as medical technicians and engineers.

This is a great long-term option as well, as the healthcare sector copes with our aging population, chronic diseases and new disease patterns.


  1. E-commerce

During Circuit Breaker and the following Phases, many Singaporeans started actively purchasing online. This trend has continued even when brick-and-mortar stores re-opened, so it is safe to say that e-commerce is here to stay.

A key advantage of a career in this industry is that it is extremely broad in terms of growth for the individual. E-commerce executives can look forward to promotions to e-commerce Manager or e-commerce Specialist positions. Also, an e-commerce position may handle many other roles such as marketing, management, logistics and business planning, giving you a chance to discover these functions – and maybe your next career move.


  1. Semiconductors

In addition to supply chain disruptions brought about by the pandemic, the semiconductor industry currently faces manpower shortages due to travel restrictions. Indeed, semiconductor companies have highlighted how they are not just on the lookout for engineers but HR executives, marketers, business managers and more.

Semiconductor companies have long favoured Singapore for its pool of skilled talent, ease of connectivity and a well-developed semiconductor ecosystem. The pandemic only increased our desirability as the place to set up offices and manufacturing plants.


  1. Social Work

Mental health is a big issue today as the pandemic and other stressors take their toll on us. Therefore, social workers, who help others get through tough times in life, are more necessary than ever.

In addition to making a profound difference in people’s lives, social workers benefit from a competitive salary package and work in an evergreen sector. The monthly median salary of entry-level social workers increased from S$3,400 in 2015 and 2017 to S$3,600 in 2019, which is “comparable with the salaries of all fresh graduates”, said Minister for Social and Family Development Masagos Zulkifli.

Uniquely, this is a sector that really values volunteer experience. So, you do not need an extensive work history or a pricey degree to get started. It is more important to show your heart and be prepared to commit.


  1. Logistics

In order to ensure a smooth flow of goods as Covid-19 hampered supply lines and manpower availability, logistics companies have had to develop new receipt and delivery processes, better routes and management and workarounds in an ever-changing landscape. All this means career opportunity in this field, in areas such as procurement, business analysis and auditing.

As the industry transforms itself, it becomes a good place to search for your next job. Firstly, it is relatively easy to enter, with most firms only requiring a Degree in Business to start. After that, you can take your time shaping your career alongside the industry’s transformation, which is set to be happening for many years to come.

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