Hiring with the Handphone – How to Recruit on Mobile Devices


We rely on our smartphones for everything from finding directions to paying our bills to waking us up. Why not job applications as well?

In fact, if you want to get the right applicants, a smooth and simple mobile application process is a must. CareerBuilder’s research shows that 43% of traffic and 45% of applications on career sites comes from mobile devices.

Jobseekers like applying on mobile because it is done in just a few clicks, making it fast and simple. They also enjoy the ability to apply wherever they are, whenever they want, instead of having to get ahold of a laptop or tablet.

So, how to make your application process mobile-friendly?

1. Start with your career site.

Even if you cannot perform a complete overhaul, aim for a website with a responsive design. That means a site that automatically adjusts to the user’s browser size and phone specifications, creating the best possible user experience.

If you have the budget, though, a mobile-dedicated website is a great investment. These are sites designed specifically for mobile phones. They often have a separate URL and contain features or content that have been deemed appropriate for mobile; frequently, a subset of what is available on the desktop. A mobile-dedicated site will give jobseekers the best possible experience of your company website and job listings, while cutting out the unnecessary.

2. Implement a mobile apply process.

Have a dedicated application process for mobile applicants. Allow candidates to submit their applications with a few taps, uploading a resume from their Cloud Storage or Google Drive (or even one stored on a portal like Jobscentral).

The easier the apply process, the more willing job seekers are to complete the application process, and the faster (and more likely) those applications will make their way to you.

3. Provide more.

“Apply now” shouldn’t be the only option for job seekers visiting your mobile careers site. Give them options, like invitations to sign up for job alerts or social networks, or bite-sized information about your company.

Also important to include is a way for potential applicants to shortlist, save, and autofill any information they may wish to hold on to – so that they can come back another day.

4. Build your social media presence.

Make sure you’re getting the most from your social media recruiting efforts by posting at the most opportune times – times when candidates are most likely to be searching from their mobile devices: early morning (when they’re just waking up), morning and evening commute times, lunch time and weekends.

As mobile use grows even more and HR technology evolves, the opportunity to recruit candidates via mobile devices will only expand. Get in before it is too late!

Vintage photo created by bublikhaus – www.freepik.com