Employer Branding: Four Questions You Need to Know the Answer to

In order to have effective employer branding, there are four questions that all the leaders in your organisation need to know the answer to!

The branding of your organisation is vital when it comes to promoting yourself as an employer of choice to a desired target group. A strong employer brand will do wonders in your company’s efforts in recruiting and retaining ideal employees.

In order to have effective employer branding though, there are four questions that all the leaders in your organisation need to know the answer to.
1. Why would someone want to work for you?

This is the most fundamental question that you must be able to answer. The company needs to understand what it offers of value.

Know that the unspoken implication “instead of another company?” should be tacked behind this question. If you are unable to tell potential employees what sets your company apart from the rest, they’d have no reason to join your organisation.
2. What is the perception employees and candidates have about your employer brand?

You may have an idea of what your company is internally, but it’s useless if it doesn’t tally with the perception from the outside. The emperor may believe he’s wearing clothes, but if he appears otherwise to the rest of the world, then the truth is that he’s naked.
3. What is employee satisfaction like in the organisation?

When it comes to generating interest in your organisation, employees can act as the company’s mouthpiece. The best way to get employees to recommend your organisation is to actually make sure that they enjoy working in the place.

Retention rate is also another thing that is affected by employee satisfaction. Employees talk to each other. It is highly likely that employees will voice their dissatisfaction to each other if they’re unhappy. This in turn will affect overall morale in the organisation, which leads to talent leakage. The inverse is true as well, happy employees implicitly and explicitly encourage each other to stay, leading to higher retention rates.
4. What level of visibility do you have?

Regardless of how you brand your company, it’ll be useless unless people actually get to know about it.
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In a world where employee advocacy is growing more important, employer reputations ultimately depend on the consistent values and vitality of their organisational cultures. Only when you’re able to answer these questions confidently, will you be able to establish a strong employer brand.