Recruitment Ads: How Can Employers Maximise Them?

We share with you how employers should go about maximising their recruitment ads with content and the importance of it.

In today’s digital age, content is truly king. Technology and mobile devices have empowered us with a universe of information at our fingertips; and it is through content that people find their ways to you. It is no doubt that content is the new-age marketing and it is at the heart of every business strategy.
Starting with human resources (HR), it is crucial for content to stand out and attract the right candidates in today’s tight labour market, where companies are competing against each other when it comes to human capital. This is especially true in Singapore, where there is an ever-increasing pool of fresh graduates which makes for a highly competitive labour market. In the second quarter of 2015 alone, there were 63,300 job vacancies in Singapore (MOM Report 2015); this means that candidates have their pick when it comes to filling out a position.
One of the first points of contact between a jobseeker and a vacancy is most often an online job portal. However, with openings outnumbering talents, how do organisations maximise their recruitment ad, and to be seen?
The importance of content
An attractive recruitment ad not only has to be succinctly written, it has to be attention-grabbing as well. New-age jobseekers are hungry for information – in order to capture their time, the job ad should not just address the job description, but other details such as the company culture. It would also be an added plus to elaborate beyond monetary figures on how the applicant will be able to benefit by joining your organisation. This includes points such as career prospects and corporate social responsibility activities.
Employer Branding
Employer branding is critical especially for smaller companies, as they have to establish themselves against brand-name Multi-National Companies. Defined as “the process of promoting a company as an employer of choice to its desired target group”, employer branding is responsible for the public perception of your company. A recruitment posting is the HR-equivalent of an advertisement poster; the key messages in it must be written concisely and aligned with the company’s values.
Go Social
According to CareerBuilder’s recent Employer of Choice Survey, 17.9% of jobseekers in Singapore actively go through social media for open positions. A further 13.1% of jobseekers also “follow” companies online to get a sense of their culture. These figures prove that social media presence is a key engagement tool, and that candidates are actively paying attention to organisations and their job opportunities. 
Social media is a cost-effective recruitment method which benefits both jobseekers and recruiters. For candidates, by “following” their company of choice, they are able to know first-hand the availability of a position. With this upper hand, candidates are able to enhance their eagerness by being prompt in their job applications.
Having an online presence boosted by social media enhances employer branding while facilitating engagement with both active and passive jobseekers. This allows individuals to acquaint themselves with your organisation.  Once companies have formed this foundation, they can then share corporate information, job openings and relevant content to attract a following of jobseekers.

Increased exposure
Search engine-optimised keywords are a key driving force behind a successful online job ad. With it, your advert will appear high within listings when a potential candidate searches for a certain keyword.
Don’t just stop at one medium for your recruitment needs; you’re likely to get more prospective candidates if you cast your net further. For example, you may consider setting up a microsite for recruitment on your company website to increase visibility and provide more information.
With so many companies in a race to attract jobseekers, the onus is on you as an employer to shine the spotlight on your organisation and recruitment through good content. Even though job portals are the most popular method of recruitment, it takes more than just the posting of an ad to draw talent. With all these points in mind, your candidate search can be a more efficient and effective one.